Annie Cosby

St. Louis, Mo.

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Annie is a short, dog-loving romantic who works as the Freewrite Marketing Manager by day and writes fiction by night. She spent three years living in Galway, Ireland, which gave her mono, introduced her to her future husband, and made her fall in love with Celtic mythology. She now lives in a little brick house in her hometown of St. Louis, Mo., with her Rottweiler mix, Lucy, and her favorite Irishman, Michael.
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Published Work

  • Hearts Out of Ireland series (YA Celtic Mythology)

    • The Daughters of Morrigan

      Snowy Wings Publishing2018
    • The Court of Medb

      Snowy Wings Publishing2021
  • Hearts Out of Water series (YA Celtic Mythology)

    • All the Tales We Tell

      Snowy Wings Publishing2014
    • Lifespan of a Memory

      Snowy Wings Publishing2014
    • The Last Secret

      Snowy Wings Publishing2016
  • Fadó, Fadó: Selkies, Kelpies, and Other Celtic Creatures

    Snowy Wings Publishing2017