J. R. Rogue




J. R. Rogue first put pen to paper at fifteen after developing an unrequited high school crush and has never stopped writing about heartache. She has published multiple volumes of poetry and novels. Her work has been recognized with three Goodreads Choice Awards nominations.
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Published Work

  • Muse & Music Series

    • Breaking Mercy

      Rogue BooksNov 2021
    • Burning Muses

      Rogue BooksApr 2016
    • Background Music

      Rogue BooksMar 2017
    • Blind Melody

      Rogue BooksAug 2020
  • Something Like Love Series

    • I Like You, I Love Her

      Rogue BooksSep 2018
    • I Love You, I Need Him

      Rogue BooksOct 2020
    • I Like You, I Hate Her

      Rogue BooksJan 2022
  • Red Note Series

    • The Rebound

      Rogue BooksJun 2019
    • The Regret

      Rogue BooksMay 2022
    • The Return

      Rogue BooksJun 2023
  • Ozark Omens Series

    • The Girl Next Door

      Rogue BooksOct 2022
  • Kiss Me Like You Mean It

    Rogue BooksMar 2018
  • Poetry

    • The Words I Wish You Heard: Poems

      Rogue Books
    • I'm Not Your Paper Princess: Poems

      Rogue Books
    • After The Blackout: Poems

      Rogue Books
    • I'll Be Your Manic Anxiety Queen: Poems

      Rogue Books
    • Dark Mermaid Song: Poems

      Rogue Books2017
    • Songs for the Stars: Poems

      Rogue Books
    • Tell Me Where It Hurts: Poems

      Rogue Books2016
    • Exits, Desires, & Slow Fires: Poems

      Rogue BooksSep 2017
    • Poems For The Moon: Vol 1

      Rogue Books
    • Poems for the Moon: Vol 2

      Rogue Books2020
    • Poems for the Stars: Vol 1

      Rogue Books
    • Poems for the Stars: Vol 2

      Rogue Books
    • Poems for the Dawn: Vol 1

      Rogue Books
    • Poems for the Dawn: Vol 2

      Rogue Books
    • This Witch: Poems

      Rogue BooksOct 2020
    • Daddy Issues: Poems

      Rogue BooksOct 2022
    • The Exquisite Pain of the Unrequited: Poems

      Rogue Books2015