J. R. Rogue




Three Goodreads Choice Awards nominated poet. Currently writing Adam and Eve darkness, a popstar romance, and moody vampire things.
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Published Work

  • Muse & Music Series

    • Breaking Mercy

      Rogue BooksNov 2021
    • Burning Muses

      Rogue BooksApr 2016
    • Background Music

      Rogue BooksMar 2017
    • Blind Melody

      Rogue BooksAug 2020
  • Something Like Love Series

    • I Like You, I Love Her

      Rogue BooksSep 2018
    • I Love You, I Need Him

      Rogue BooksOct 2020
    • I Like You, I Hate Her

      Rogue BooksJan 2022
  • Red Note Series

    • The Rebound

      Rogue BooksJun 2019
    • The Regret

      Rogue BooksMay 2022
    • The Return

      Rogue BooksJun 2023
  • Ozark Omens Series

    • The Girl Next Door

      Rogue BooksOct 2022
  • Kiss Me Like You Mean It

    Rogue BooksMar 2018
  • Poetry

    • The Words I Wish You Heard: Poems

      Rogue Books
    • I'm Not Your Paper Princess: Poems

      Rogue Books
    • After The Blackout: Poems

      Rogue Books
    • I'll Be Your Manic Anxiety Queen: Poems

      Rogue Books
    • Dark Mermaid Song: Poems

      Rogue Books2017
    • Songs for the Stars: Poems

      Rogue Books
    • Tell Me Where It Hurts: Poems

      Rogue Books2016
    • Exits, Desires, & Slow Fires: Poems

      Rogue BooksSep 2017
    • Poems For The Moon: Vol 1

      Rogue Books
    • Poems for the Moon: Vol 2

      Rogue Books2020
    • Poems for the Stars: Vol 1

      Rogue Books
    • Poems for the Stars: Vol 2

      Rogue Books
    • Poems for the Dawn: Vol 1

      Rogue Books
    • Poems for the Dawn: Vol 2

      Rogue Books
    • This Witch: Poems

      Rogue BooksOct 2020
    • Daddy Issues: Poems

      Rogue BooksOct 2022
    • The Exquisite Pain of the Unrequited: Poems

      Rogue Books2015